After creating a new Group and adding products to that group the Email that Bugzilla sends is confusing




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5 years ago
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Steps to reproduce:

I've migrated the data from an older bugzilla, all worked ok.
I've created a group "UsersA" and assigned a list of users to this group.
I've selected an existing product "ProductA" and on Edit Group Controlls I've selected the "UsersA" group to have the following rights "Entry"; "Mandatory" on both MemberControl and OtherControl and "canconfirm" and "editbugs".
I've done this to isolate "UsersA" group to be the only one that can see the bugs in product "ProductA"

Actual results:

First time a user modifies a bug that existed prior to create the "UserA" group Bugzilla sends an email that is a little confusing:

"Rednuht changed bug 1234
What Removed Added
Group              UsersA
Comment #6 on bug 1234 from Jackie
test comment

Expected results:

The first comment "Rednuht changed bug 1234" is confusing as users are expecting in the first line the name of the person that changed the bug (in the above example Jackie) not me (Rednuht) who created the "UsersA" group.

As we have a lot of old bugs that we work on is there any way how I can stop Bugzilla writing in emails that "Rednuht changed bug x" as it is confusing ?

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Comment 1

5 years ago
Emails are supposed to be sent immediately when restricting bugs to the group. Looks like this is not the case.

Note that what you see in the HTML part of the email doesn't match what you see in the plain text part of the email. In the HTML part, the admin is mentioned as being the one who did the group restriction while in the text part, the commenter is mentioned. This last part is probably a separate bug.
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Comment 2

5 years ago
Hi Frédéric, 

Thank you for your reply.

If I understand correctly the expected behavior would have been for Bugzilla to send an email for every bug affected by the group restriction?
So If I have 10.000 bugs in "ProductA" then Bugzilla would have tried to send at least 10.000 emails? That sounds insane and would have created major issues for the people receiving those emails.
Before your response yesterday I thought that maybe by checking “Insert new group into all existing products”  when first creating  the group “UsersA” was the problem so I deleted the “UsersA” group and recreated it and guess what, at least Bugzilla is consistent, here is how Bugzilla sends the first part of the emails now:
"Rednuht changed bug 1234
What Removed Added
Group              UsersA
Group UserA
Group              UserA

         At this point I am interested only on how I can make Bugzilla not to send this first part of email with what group I changed.
	A radical solution would be to announce a maintenance window, set Bugzilla not to send emails, search all the bugs in “ProductA” and add a comment in all the bugs but this seems a little bit extreme modifying all the bugs as all the bugs will have the same last modified date which is something  that we don’t want.
	Do you have any suggestion on how we could convince Bugzilla not to send in the emails that I had restricted that bug in a group?

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Comment 3

5 years ago

Can anybody suggest a workaround so that Bugzilla won't say in email of every old bug that it has been added to a group.

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4 years ago
Duplicate of this bug: 940258
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