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5 years ago
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5 years ago
SnowspriteGirl tells us:

Is anyone else having issues with the eyes-free keyboard crashing
while using firefox?
I know pretty much everyone is using jellybean these days, but for
anyone still using the eyesfree keyboard. . .

Since my phone has a physical keyboard, the only reason I really use
the eyesfree keyboard is for editing. But for some reason whenever I
get on firefox--even if I'm just browsing a page-- the keyboard will
start crashing. I don't mean it crashes and gives me that report
message then is done, I mean litterally every five seconds it tells me
it has stopped working and would I like to report it.
 sometimes I do, but since it happens so much, I usually just hit ok
and move on. . . until it crashes ... a!

Usually I'm not even anywhere near edit fields when it does this, and
the keyboard is hidden. Anyone have any ideas what's up? I can't think
of anywhere else this happens, and it doesn't matter what webpage I'm
on when it happens. As long as I'm using firefox, it crashes.


5 years ago
OS: All → Android
Hardware: All → ARM
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