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Buying on 2G using carrier direct billing failure


(Marketplace Graveyard :: Payments/Refunds, defect, P2)

Gonk (Firefox OS)


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steps to reproduce:

1- Set the device to 2G only;

2- Open the Markeplace and insert a valid user and pass;

3- Find a paid App;

4- Click to buy the desired App (insert PIN if requested);

5- After redirected to Bango screen, click to BUY button.

Expected behavior:

After tap BUY button, the screen get faded and messages about the current status are displayed (processing payment, payment completed, etc) until the purchase is successfully completed.

observed behavior:

After tap BUY button, the payment process seems to be started so the screen blinks and returned to the Bango's screen without any action.
Group: client-services-security
Did the purchase succeed?  Please attach a screenshot also
The purchase can't succeed. The issue is caused by slowness of 2G network.
The screen becames white, but back to the "Buy screen" again.
Attached file video
Assignee: nobody → amckay
Priority: -- → P2
This looks like a Bango issue -- Rafael can you attach http logs and a logcat?
If this is still relevant, a few things have changed since then - I'm betting this is a Bango bug since its on the Bango pages.
Assignee: amckay → keir
There isn't much we can do to change the outcome of a slow 2G network. What are you expecting us to do?
We need Bango to anticipate slowness at all stages of the payment flow. This is the reality of our launch markets. Bango needs to show progress screens with timeouts when things take a long time. There should be messages informing the user that the connection is in progress but can be retried (if that applies). We have these screens in place already for several parts of the Mozilla buyflow.
Ignore Tom. It looks from the video that the js hasn't completely loaded before the user clicks the buy button (you can see the network activity spinner).  The buy btn is the only btn on the page that needs to be bound by the JS, hence requires the js to be fully loaded.  The entire page weight (excluding the icon) is pretty tiny (~8KB) so even with v slow connections should only take ~10 secs to download.  To combat this the screen will now display the loading overlay and the btn the disabled attr until the js removes it (thus being fully loaded).
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Target Milestone: --- → 2013-06-27
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