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fix build warnings in Cocoa widgets


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Fixes a couple of simple compiler warnings in Cocoa widgets.
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Does the current code in -[ChildView maybeDrawInTitlebar:] trigger any warnings?  It really shouldn't.

Your change to nsChildView::WillPaint() makes sense, though.
Just looked at a log for a recent build.  Only the "[mView maybeDrawInTitlebar]" in nsChildView::WillPaint() triggers a warning.

The code you've changed in -[ChildView maybeDrawInTitlebar] is actually correct, if a little counterintuitive.
This is what my patch fixes on OS X 10.8 using clang:
/Users/josh/src/mozilla/ff_trunk_debug/widget/cocoa/ warning: instance method '-maybeDrawInTitlebar' not found
      (return type defaults to 'id')
  [mView maybeDrawInTitlebar];
/Users/josh/src/mozilla/ff_trunk_debug/widget/cocoa/ warning: incompatible pointer types initializing
      'ToolbarWindow *' with an expression of type 'NSWindow *' [-Wincompatible-pointer-types]
  ToolbarWindow* win = [self window];
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fix v1.0

I've been building with clang on OS X 10.7.5.

> ToolbarWindow* win = [self window];

And now that I think about it, this *is* incorrect, but could easily be fixed as follows:

ToolbarWindow* win = (ToolbarWindow*) [self window];

But frankly I don't care that much about the syntax I used.

I think it looks better to have a single 'win' variable of type ToolbarWindow*, on which I do a runtime check to see if it really is a ToolbarWindow* (instead of some other kind of NSWindow*).  But it works just as well to have two 'win' variables -- one an NSWindow* and the other a ToolbarWindow*.
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