Fix v1.0.1 version of FirefoxOS before shipping



6 years ago
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6 years ago
I'm testing Unagi device in Poland. I got it about 3 months ago to test the Polish localization but for the last month I'm trying to use it as my primary device.

TL;DR: it is a real pain… I saw many bugs (including that preventing receiving SMSes) and was very patient but the many bugs at the same time caused me to file this bug. Do not release the system in that state.

This software is not ready for release. I don't imagine that I am using that phone every day anymore (although I was doing that in the last weeks). I don't think about some minor bugs related to look or operation of the apps but about the most important phone operations ‒ calling and messaging. Currently I'm not able to see who called me (missed calls don't work), to call the person who was calling me an hour ago (last calls don't work), read an SMS (SMS details doesn't work) and sometimes even call someone I have in contact list (some contacts disappear).

We all want Firefox OS to be a huge success. If you want to release the system (I'm thinking about v1.0.1 branch) in that state, please don't. If that means postponing the launch date, do it. I really think that releasing the great system 4 months later is much better than releasing a piece of crap now.

I am blocking this bug by the bugs I've filed. Each of them have tef? flag set.

Beside this, I think that we should add the import of contacts from Gmail. Android export contacts to Gmail and importing from Gmail means easy switch by Android users. Currently we have only import from SIM card (limited to 250 contacts, I don't think that the target users will use the Facebook import).

Please forgive me the form but I really don't like the idea of returning to my old crappy (but working) Android phone :(


6 years ago
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