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[logparser] Support several destinations


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The logparser will have to write to both the prod and dev ES instances.  It will also have to write to the metrics instance until we are ready to switch away from it.
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Should be applied on top of the patch in bug 869712.
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The shell scripts will also have to be updated; however, since we will be changing the servers at least a couple times in the near future, I think we should modify the generated script (logparser/bin/ by hand for now and check in an updated version when we finally stop using the metrics cluster.
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Support multiple ES servers

Review of attachment 747475 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: logparser/
@@ +49,5 @@
>      self.delete_file = delete_file
>      self.logger = logger
> +    if not es_servers:
> +      es_servers = DEFAULT_ES_SERVERS[:]
> +    self.es_servers = es_servers

or more compactly:

self.es_servers = es_servers or DEFAULT_ES_SERVERS[:]

@@ +145,4 @@
>      if 'testsuites' in data:
>        for ts_index, ts in enumerate(data.get('testsuites', [])):
> +        for tg in testgroups:

It seems like we're repeating 'for tg in testgroups' unnecessarily.  Can't we just do:

testgroups = [...]
for tg in testgroups:
  # everything goes here
  # ...

@@ +166,4 @@
>          for tp_index, tp in enumerate(ts.get('passes', [])):
> +          for tg in testgroups:
> +            tg.add_test_pass(doc_type='testpasses_' + testgroup.testsuites[-1].testsuite,

Attachment #747475 - Flags: review?(jgriffin) → review+
Fixed both.  Also added "[default: localhost:9200]" to the --es-server help.  We're repeating that default in a few places now, but meh for another day.

We should deploy this as soon as possible to minimize the amount of data we need to copy over.
Closed: 6 years ago
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So are we ready to deploy this and add an --es-server argument to logparser's startup script?
I believe so.  The necessary flow was created in bug 869627.  We should probably wait on adding the dev es server until we figure out an expiration mechanism.

Just keep an eye on it after deploying--or you can wait until tomorrow morning when we're both around.
I'll do it tomorrow AM, just in case!
Deployed, and verified that it's now writing data to both the metrics and the IT prod clusters.
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