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Rename "Web Console" to "Console" in toolbox


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Firefox 23


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The "Web" part is redundant, at least in the context of the toolbox. Mihai suggests leaving it as "Web Console" in the menu however, to avoid confusion with the Browser Console.

We could also then shave off 6px per tab, that's 30px across all the tabs. More room for addons and future tools.
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This changes the toolbox's label to "Console". It leaves the menu label "Web Console".

It also decreases the toolbox tab width by 6px on Mac/Win, still enough to fit "Style Editor".
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Change toolbox label to "Console"

Review of attachment 747247 [details] [diff] [review]:

Because you have changed the value of ToolboxWebconsole.label you will need to rename it for the l10n folks.
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Shrinking the tabs and hardcode their width is bad for l10n. They are already too small for some locales. See bug 859396.
There are 6 tabs at the moment, 4 of them are already too small for our locale. Please don't make the tabs even smaller.
I do (In reply to Heather Arthur [:harth] from comment #0)
> We could also then shave off 6px per tab, that's 30px across all the tabs.
> More room for addons and future tools.

Considering an average screen width of 1200px (this is still a very low side average), 110 px of each tab, another 80 px gone for docking + close buttons, and another 110 gone for the command buttons, we have :

(1024 - 110 - 80)/110 = 9.2

ignoring the 0.2 for the options cog wheel, there is space for 9 tabs, where 6 are internal (with no new tab planned for near future) and 2-3 known toolbox supporting extensions.

I think the space is pretty good for additional tools.
On my Air, one more tab and it would hit the end. It's also easier to click between them when you they aren't so spread out. Hopefully we can figure something out.
Updated the string names, and restored the original tab width.
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