[socorro-bixie] Build dev and staging environments for Socorro Bixie reporter



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5 years ago
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5 years ago
We're developing a specialized second webapp for Socorro that sits on top of the middleware. We'll need a pair of webheads in production, and one new webhead in stage to support it.

== Date Needed By ==
* June 1

== Language ==
* Language: python (django app)

== URL ==
* Production URL: bixie.mozilla.org

== HTTP / HTTPS ==
* HTTPS is best for the whole site. It will eventually involve auth.

== Code Repository ==
* Github Repo: https://github.com/mozilla/socorro

== Database ==
* like socorro-crashstats, we expect it to need access to Socorro's existing Postgres install sessions only

== Settings ==
* a locals.py file

== Cron ==
* Just do a git pull every once in awhile in cron
* [there will be a second job here, to be added in the near future]

== Other ==
They'll need their own config in puppet. During the build step the new reporter will be packaged in its own toplevel folder. I don't think it will be too different from how socorro-crashstats deploys, but without the big red button.


5 years ago
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5 years ago
Talked to laura, we can easily put this on the new crash-stats-django cluster... it already has the hardware, dependencies, and netflows.
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5 years ago
How would you like deployment to work? I have yet to set up Jenkins infrastructure for Bixie.
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Morphing this bug to track the goal because bixie will require a more complex infrastructure than initial outlined.

I've gone over things with :lonnen in Vidyo and am satisfied with our plans for building things out and I've begun filing bugs to get the balls rolling.
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Summary: Extend Socorro staging and production environments for Bixie reporter → [socorro-bixie] Build dev and staging environments for Socorro Bixie reporter
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Depends on: 891185, 891409
We'll be building a new admin node for the bixie cluster because a number of the admin functions (cron jobs, etc) can't share an admin node with the main socorro jobs.
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