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Steps to reproduce:

Master Password is set successfully.
All data is cleared with Clear-Recent-History using Everything as Time Range.
On Login Page. When i cancelled master password dialog and clicked on UserName Field.

Actual results:

1. It displayed all the email id and user names which are not even explicitly saved.
2. After cleaning History(ctrl+shft+del), then cancelling master password dialog box and clicking on username it still displays the list of usernames.

Expected results:

1. After cleaning everything, it should not display the list of email id and usernames.
2. Browser should not store the ids which are not saved explicitly by user.
3. It should not disclose the usernames i only accessed not deleted.
When you cleared "history" which boxes did you check on the dialog? What you're describing seems like the data covered by the "Form and Search History" checkbox. Or maybe the Passwords box, but since you're talking about the Master Password I'm sure you must have checked that one.

My personal hope is that you didn't check that box, in which case there's no bug :-)

If you did check that box and are still seeing these symptoms then we need to figure out why this tested functionality isn't working for you:
 - recent regression missed because not tested recently?
   (just tried in a clean profile -- worked for me)
 - corrupted database so that the data deletion failed?

If it's the latter the folks at can help you find and delete the formhistory.sqlite file which should clear that up (and get rid of all the data, but that's what you wanted right?)
Group: core-security
Keywords: privacy

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