Script makes SpiderMonkey-based applications crash, but other applications that use OdinMonkey don't crash




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Steps to reproduce:

I used a script i maked for testing if Firefox has a security with the Worker object. The script is here:

Actual results:

Firefox crashed

Expected results:

If Firefox had a functionnality of protection on Workers, like Chromium has, Firefox must block a script that use too many workers and an infinite loop with increments in.
What do you mean with "SeaMonkey based applications"? Do you mean SeaMonkey ( As your Comment 0 says "Firefox crashed". Or did you test with multiple Gecko-based (Firefox and SeaMonkey base on Gecko) applications?
Also: Can you provide a testcase and attach to this bug here? I suspect that one needs to save the script from pastebin as escape.js and embed it via <script src="escape.js">, but not sure about that.

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6 years ago
I didn't said it correctly, Firefox and SeaMonkey crashed, I wanted to say that two SpiderMonkey-based application crashed with this script. And yes, this is with a <script> tag in html.

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6 years ago
I just tested the script with Firefox, a friend tried it with SeaMonkey, and the two crashed. With Nightly, the browser questionned me about if I want to stop the script.
Summary: This script , makes seamonkey based applications crash, but other applications like Nightly, that use OdinMonkey don't crash with it. → Script makes SpiderMonkey-based applications crash, but other applications that use OdinMonkey don't crash
Can any one provide me steps to reproduce? How I can use script in Firefox?
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Samvedana: I think you need to save the script as escape.js and then place it next to a html file that loads the file with <script src="escape.js">. So basically (I think) it recursively starts new web workers all the time. And SpiderMonkey fails(?) to detect that and crashes.
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5 years ago
Editing a bug.  Sorry for the noise.
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