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Replace "chromedir="rtl"" CSS selectors in plugin UI CSS files with -moz-dir CSS selectors


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Bug 648675 introduced new "[chromedir="rtl"]" CSS selectors in toolkit/themes/osx/mozapps/plugins/pluginProblem.css and toolkit/themes/windows/mozapps/plugins/pluginProblem.css (possibly toolkit/mozapps/plugins/content/pluginProblemContent.css should be fixed, too). As far as I know this CSS selector should not be used anymore, see Bug 478416. Those CSS selectors should be replaced by :-moz-(locale-)dir(rtl). I think you need to use "-moz-dir" there instead of "-moz-locale-dir" as that one does not work inside html files (according to But I'm not exactly sure about that. Then the chromedir attribute inside pluginProblem.xml can be removed, too.
Hrm, marking as WONTFIX. The reason for this is: You cannot get -moz-dir working on XUL elements in an easy way (at least I did not find any way). The "dir" attribute only works on HTML elements, the dir attribute for XUL elements has different values (and not sure if I can use it here, the docs on the dir attribute in XUL are not that good). I'll open a new bug for the usage of -moz-locale-dir inside toolkit/mozapps/plugins/content/pluginProblemContent.css, this should be converted to chromedir as -moz-locale-dir does not work there.
Closed: 6 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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