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Warning 'TypeError: redeclaration of var calInstanceOf' in calUtils.js


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> Warning: TypeError: redeclaration of var calInstanceOf
> Source file: chrome://calendar/content/calUtils.js
> Line: 438, Column: 9
> Source code:
> function calInstanceOf(aObject, aInterface) { 

Function calInstanceOf() is declared twice in calUtils.js:
One was added in the backout here:

And the other is from deprecation. I'm going to merge them together to deprecate now, but with the old implementation. Mohit can then take care of the review comments in bug 788004.
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Assignee: nobody → philipp
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Maybe the obsolete implementation should be removed completely? The message "Use of calInstanceOf() is deprecated and will be removed with the next release. Use cal.wrapInstance() instead." is incorrect because there exists no function wrapInstance() in the calendar code.
I can change the message slightly, but the minimum I want to see is the old function with a deprecation message, so its clear that the function will be removed in a future release. It really depends on if Mohit has time for the other bug.
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Fix - v1

r- because the warning is incorrect. Bug 788004 is being worked on, will it take care of this problem?
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Attached patch Fix - v2Splinter Review
The patch in bug 788004 doesn't contain the fix to actually remove the duplicate function. I'd like to push both bugs as soon as the tree opens again and with bug 788004 applied, the warning message is correct again.
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Fix - v2

Taking over review, r+ as this function is not used in Calendar code anymore and the other version has a warning message. Approval for aurora is not needed anymore as the release went without this fix.
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