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Create middleware service for data_dictionary table


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I'd like a middleware service that provides JSON to the front end, based on the data in the table data_dictionary, whose columns are: 

* raw_field: the breakpad variable in meta_data (HBase)
* product: currently NULL, but important and interesting for differentiating between things like Fennec and B2G
* transforms: a JSON blob that has keys and sometimes values that explain how a raw_field is transformed and also where it is transformed
Selena, do you want me to work on that?
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> Selena, do you want me to work on that?

That would be awesome! :)
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Hey Selena, can you provide a short example of what the data looks like? Do you want the service to return exactly what the database has or should it perform some kind of transformation?
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Here's a screenshot of the existing spreadsheet that holds this data. 

I think just passing the whole JSON to the front-end is sufficient for now. As you can see from the spreadsheet, many columns have no information in them and it isn't easy to predict which columns will or won't be populated. 

Perhaps the best thing for the middleware to do is provide only those keys which have a value specified to the requestor.
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Fixes bug 872223 - Added a field service to return data_dictionary information. r=peterbe
Merge pull request #1284 from AdrianGaudebert/872223-fields-service

Fixes bug 872223 - Added a field service to return data_dictionary infor...
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