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5 years ago
While working on mutt bug 858731, I noticed that assertions/expect_assert.js had some pretty long lines in its test data lookup table. I did a quick edit, line wrapping any block which contained 1 or more element which exceeded 80 chars. I wrapped at what seemed an appropriate key in each element.

It succeeded in reducing the max length to 92 chars on the worse case scenario element near the bottom of the table.

It still seemed fine read with the change. Not sure if this is desirable, but thought I would do it and generate a patch while I was looking at the file.

No worries if it's not appropriate, feel free to mark the bug resolved invalid if so.

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5 years ago
Created attachment 749553 [details] [diff] [review]
clean up data table (master) rev1.0

Patch "clean up data table (master) rev1.0" for Master. One file modified.

Added white space character at the end of each element before the } brace (so it is the same as the beginning of the element), and split up the initial assertions variable declaration at the top of the file for length and clarity.

Tested with Default Nightly 23.0a1 20130513031057. Test passes as expected.

If this a desirable change let me know and I will add a review flag.
I would vote for wontfix. I feel it's way harder to read and to follow what's tested when we wrap those lines. As of now you can directly follow the 'virtual' columns and see what's being tested. Even when we have a bit longer lines.


5 years ago
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