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We need to be able to load js files from toolkit that tend to live in resource://gre/modules/devtools/ via the loader.

There used to be a "devtools/toolkit" path defined in the loader setup, but it was removed when the loader was moved from gDevTools.jsm to Loader.jsm. Tell me why and close this bug, or suggest an alternative implementation, or something, please.
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Adding "devtools/toolkit" path definition back.
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Resolving invalid after this IRC conversation:

14:04 <dcamp> so the reason I didn't do that
14:04 <dcamp> was that if we eventually do the /devtools dir merge
14:04 <fitzgen> right
14:05 <dcamp> "toolkit" won't make sense anymore.  So I've been leaning toward adding each directory manually as it's needed.
14:05 <fitzgen> perfect the enemy of good?
14:05 <dcamp> yeah, that's my reason but it's not a strong one
14:05 <dcamp> so that's fine.
14:05 <fitzgen> ok so it would be fine for me to have in my patch and if it lands before the /devtools merge so be it
14:05 <fitzgen> ?
14:05 <dcamp> sure (or you could just add the specific directory the code lives in, and it'll be futureproof for the merged dir.  But I don't really care either way)
14:06 <fitzgen> like add a "devtools/escodegen" path?
14:06 <dcamp> yeah
14:06 <fitzgen> ok I see
14:06 <fitzgen> thanks!
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We don't still need this do we?
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I guess the approach has been to add "devtools/<thing>" to the loader everytime we need "toolkit/devtools/<thing>", so I guess not.

It will all become moot once we have /devtools.
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