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Steps to reproduce:

I opened numerous tabs in several windows, then I exited FF, then restarted it.

Actual results:

There were several tabs which were 'stuck' - the reload operation got the 'tab' icon correctly populated, but the page did not load.  An F5 refresh clears the URL from the address bar.  Selecting the address bar, putting the cursor at end of URL, and hitting 'enter' causes the page to load.  The tab is in 'limbo'...
The <tab-order> selection is that tab itself in this case (at least in version 20).  The <tab-order> selection of a correctly reloaded tab is the body of the page...  That may provide a simple method of detecting such a 'stuck tab' condition.

Expected results:

When FF is configured with "show my tabs and windows from last time", and the option "don't load tabs until selected" is not selected, then when FF is restarted, it should load all the tabs from the prior session.  If you have numerous tabs, whether with one window or multiple windows, and 'file->exit' is selected (or FF crashes, or is killed) then when the browser is restarted, and either begins reloading (or offers the reload dialog and you select reload selected) - there will be tabs which do not correctly load.  This problem has been present since version 3.x

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6 years ago
Just did a careful count of my current number of tabs - 155 tabs total, spread across 10 windows. -Tom
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Build ID 	20160111030207

Tested on Windows 7 x64 with the Nightly 46.0a1 build with the "Show my windows and tabs from last time" option selected in Options -> General.  I can't reproduce the problem.
Please retest this issue with the latest version of Firefox ( Thank you.
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Reporter, please feel free to reopen it if you are still having this issue.  
Thank you for your time.
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