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Disable certain XUL crashtests under AddressSanitizer


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There are still some unresolved failures in crashtests under ASan. Both issues are on file as bug 874486 and bug 787715, but until these are resolved (which is unlikely to happen quickly), we need to disable these tests under ASan so the whole testsuite runs and other errors are not covered by these failures.

The attached patch disables the necessary tests using the "skip-if(AddressSanitizer)" command which specifically only disables the tests when running under ASan. Crashtests on TBPL is green with these changes.

We can also leave this bug open to re-enable the tests when we have fixes. I don't know what the usual procedure is in this case, so I'm open for suggestions :)
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Bug 874486 has already been fixed, so we don't need to disable that test anymore :)
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r=dbaron if you put a bug number in a comment at the end of the line for each disabling (see, e.g., the comments shown in the patch context in the second file you're touching)

It's not clear to me that bug 787715 is appropriate for all three of these tests; it looks like that bug only mentions two of them.  If it really is all 3, then 257752-1-recursion.xul should probably be mentioned in bug 787715 as well; if not, then an appropriate bug should be filed for the reason 257752-1-recursion.xul is being disabled (or, if it was accidental, it should be removed from the diff).
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It looks like this doesn't need to be landed after all, so I'm going to close this.
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