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98 lines of GCC build warnings from -Woverloaded-virtual in gfx/layers/composite, due to two CompositableHost::EnsureTextureHost methods


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I get nearly 100 lines of GCC buildwarning spam in gfx/layers/composite, from -Woverloaded-virtual.

The warnings look like:
In file included from /scratch/work/builds/mozilla-inbound/mozilla/gfx/layers/composite/CompositableHost.cpp:6:0:
/scratch/work/builds/mozilla-inbound/mozilla/gfx/layers/composite/CompositableHost.h:153:16: warning: ‘virtual void mozilla::layers::CompositableHost::EnsureTextureHost(mozilla::layers::ISurfaceAllocator*, const mozilla::layers::TextureInfo&, const nsIntRect&)’ was hidden [-Woverloaded-virtual]
In file included from /scratch/work/builds/mozilla-inbound/mozilla/gfx/layers/composite/CompositableHost.cpp:7:0:
/scratch/work/builds/mozilla-inbound/mozilla/gfx/layers/composite/ImageHost.h:51:16: warning:   by ‘virtual void mozilla::layers::ImageHostSingle::EnsureTextureHost(mozilla::layers::TextureIdentifier, const mozilla::layers::SurfaceDescriptor&, mozilla::layers::ISurfaceAllocator*, const mozilla::layers::TextureInfo&)’ [-Woverloaded-virtual]
} has an explanation for what's going on here.

IIRC you can suppress these warnings by adding a "using CompositableHost::EnsureTextureHost;" declaration to the affected classes.
Attached file warnings
Attaching a log of all these warnings.
Looks like this was introduced a week ago by which added the second EnsureTextureHost declaration.

I'm using GCC 4.8, BTW (though I think this affects all GCC versions; not sure about other compilers).
Summary: 98 lines of GCC build warnings from -Woverloaded-virtual in gfx/layers/composite/ → 98 lines of GCC build warnings from -Woverloaded-virtual in gfx/layers/composite, due to two CompositableHost::EnsureTextureHost methods
Looks ok on my linux64
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Annotate "using CompositableHost::EnsureTextureHost;" to fix warnings with -Woverloaded-virtual in gfx/layers/composite

Review of attachment 759171 [details] [diff] [review]:

Looks like a good short term solution although it can probably be a bit confusing since it's a rather unusual pattern. The work I am doing on textures gets rid of EnsureTextureHost so this confusion about overloaded virtual methods will not stay in the code for too long (hopefully).
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daniel could you try the patch to confirm it is gone away on your machine?
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I actually don't get the build warning in up-to-date mozilla-central now (without this bug's patch -- I verified that my clone doesn't have the cset from comment 5).

So something else apparently fixed this (without the "using" declaration) -- looks like it was bug 876661 (which was really a dupe of this bug).  The patch there took a different approach -- renaming one of the methods.

I'm forward-duping this to that bug, and we should back out comment 5, since we don't need the "using" declaration now.
Closed: 8 years ago
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Duplicate of bug: 876661
Backed out:

Thanks anyway for taking this, Arnaud, and sorry for the confusion!
OK if it's fixed it's okay for me even if it's not my patch that is being used :)
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