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Add reftest failure summary to mach


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In the personal scripts I previously wrote ("JMozTools") to run unit tests, I summarize any reftest failures at the end of the script's output in the following manner:

> ------------------- TEST RESULTS ----------------------
> IMAGES: file://<tempfilename>

Inside of this temp file, the data URIS for the source and reference images are added so the user can open this file, and then click on the links to open the respective images in their browser, rather than having to copy/paste the data uris from within the terminal window.

This seems like it would be a good feature to add to mach, so that it's easier to see the reftest comparison failures. It might even be worth adding a link to the reftest-analyzer.
Component: mach → Reftest
OS: Linux → All
Product: Core → Testing
Hardware: x86_64 → All
Whiteboard: [mach]
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