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Remove incoming call transition and call end transition.


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Recently there's some bugs about this design.

1. a confidential bug complains about the visibility of current app isn't immediately turned off.
2. a bug reports by leo is complaining about there's white screen when call comes.

The dialer is using attention screen to show call screen, but it has an internal transition to show as "slide down". Any other apps using attentionscreen API doesn't have this transition. This makes system app couldn't avoid to treat them as the same -- to have a 3~5s timer to delay the visibilitychange of current app, which causes those problems. Too early or too late to setVisible(false) for the overlayed app is problem.

I propose to discard the transition, show the callscreen immediately. If we do so I think the poor performanace when call comings could improve little more because we don't need to spend time on doing transition and resizing.
I am using HTC One, my observation:

1. There's no incoming call transition. The callscreen shows immediately.
2. When I switch to another app during call, and click dialer icon again, it displays also immediately.
3. When I end the call, the callscreen disappears immediately.

I think this is a better design. We're a phone, we should make the key feature -- calling -- go to the user ASAP instead of waiting for doing some transitions when call comes and ends.

See alarm for reference. The attentionscreen of alarm shows/hides immediately.
Summary: Remove incoming call transition. → Remove incoming call transition and call end transition.
Adding Ayman to consider the pros and cons UX wise.

Note: we could also have 1 transition of all attention screens handled by the system app.
Let's do 1 transition for all attentionScreen in the coming AttentionWindow work.
I need someone to remove that animation in dialer as well.
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