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Get the dominant color of the icon to use it when cold launching an application

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5 years ago
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(Reporter: vingtetun, Assigned: etienne)


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That would be very cool if the background color of the splash could be synced with the icon dominant color. I have been told that Etienne would like to have fun with that :)
Hmm...that sounds quite similar to what we do with FxAndroid Web Apps. I'd suggest taking a look at their implementation as a point of reference.

I'm ccing wesj in case you have questions on that implementation.

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5 years ago
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Wip |getLaunchColor(icon)| function

Here's a wip |getLaunchColor(icon)| function.
(icon should be an image element)

Any pointer on where to look for the FxAndroid code / who could give me feedback on the math would be greatly appreciated :)
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Gecko has a built in ColorAnalyzer.js that you should use if you can. I rolled our own in Java because it didn't exist at the time and bridging the xpcom and Java is non-trivial.

Its an xpcom component which may make it harder to use for you guys.

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