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* Will this be created in Thimble? A standard Thimble template for these kinds of content pages would be very useful.
Probably not; we're not at the point of elegance yet where we can use Thimble as a CMS / editing tool for all pages on

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Standard content template design

Here's the design for the standard content template for pages like About, Get Involved, Terms and Conditions, etc.

Within the PSD, which is on Google Drive / Production / Standard page template.psd, the layers are labeled H1, H2, H3 etc. Hopefully pretty obvious.

Note: This page is based on the existing About page, but is not real content. I took bits and pieces of the current About page purely for styling purposes. Styles may need to be rejigged per Kate/Chris' discretion, but in general they are pretty consistent, and hopefully flexible enough, so far. 

Erica will be helping with content on these pages, post her other June 1 deliverables. These pages are (for the most part) listed out in: If anyone stumbles across any other orphan pages, that's where Erica will be looking for content that needs to be created, so please add it there.

Would love to be able to return to any pages we build using this template to optimize for the content, later, probably post-June 15th.


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r+wc, fix Travis fail too prease
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Landed with a lint issue filed here:

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