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Steps to reproduce:

Try to get favicons, or update an old one, for bookmarks when visiting a website. Does not work as expected.

The problem seems to be, that when places.history.enabled=false FF will not try to get any favicons from websites. This will lead to unupdated favions in the bookmarks or - when no prior favicon exists - no favicon at all.

In my optionion this is a bug and FF should not prevent favicons from being loaded for bookmarks when a user does not want a internet history.
Those two things have nothing in common and it seems not plausible why disabling the internet history should prevent me from having favicons - for example I want favicons but no internet history.

I suggest favicons will always be retrieved to update the bookmark icon - with maybe an optional about:config setting to disable retrieving favicons for the people who want this behavior.



5 years ago
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If we'd store any favicons when history is disabled that would represent an information whether the page has been visited or not, That is exactly what the user wants to avoid by disabling history. Since that would be a privacy hit, we decided for the current behavior.

Though, as far as I know this doesn't pertain to bookmarked pages, since it's less privacy relevant whether bookmarks are visited, so a page that is bookmarked should correctly get an updated favicon when that page is visited.
If this doesn't properly happen then it may be a bug, in such a case, could you please provide url of a bookmark for which this doesn't happen?
See Comment 1.
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Feel free to reopen with the Answer to Comment 1.
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