[fireplace] Desktop-only apps can be installed on mobile

VERIFIED FIXED in 2013-05-30


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We need action on this asap. Will cause partner frustration and could promote negative app reviews from users.

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6 years ago
This looks like a bug in our API:

Component: Consumer Pages → API
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Target Milestone: --- → 2013-05-30

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6 years ago
So, interestingly, `Webapp.from_search()` does not filter by device: https://github.com/mozilla/zamboni/blob/master/mkt/webapps/models.py#L635

(Which is bug 869573.)

The API calls `_filter_search` (https://github.com/mozilla/zamboni/blob/master/mkt/search/views.py#L102) but then we use the `device` querystring paramater (not `dev`): https://github.com/mozilla/zamboni/blob/master/mkt/search/forms.py#L151

So that when `DeviceDetectionMiddleware` sets `request.GAIA` (https://github.com/mozilla/zamboni/blob/master/mkt/site/middleware.py#L187) the API literally does not care. That's the problem.

We could fix this in Fireplace or in the Zamboni API - what do people think?
Summary: Desktop only apps can be installed on mobile → Desktop-only apps can be installed on mobile
Assignee: nobody → robhudson.mozbugs
Awesome breakdown, cvan.

I think what's happening is this:
Fireplace includes the dev= on all API calls, not just search and that's picked up in the middleware to set the various attributes on the request object that's passed around.

In other words, ?dev= isn't intended to filter the search.

If we only want to see apps that work on the device in use when not on desktop we need to add that to the query string as `?device=` for whatever the device is currently. For the search API this means we'll have 2 devices in the query string: ?dev={1}&device={2} where {1} is the device as used in middleware and {2} is the device as documented in the search API already:

Changing one will break the other and I don't think they should be tied together as they are used in different ways.

Moving to the fireplace component to add this when querying the API and not on desktop.
Component: API → Consumer Pages
Summary: Desktop-only apps can be installed on mobile → [fireplace] Desktop-only apps can be installed on mobile
Assignee: robhudson.mozbugs → nobody
I'm happy to change the API to change the value from ?device=gaia to ?device=firefoxos if it helps Fireplace and consistency.
Btw, its not just that incompatible apps are discoverable via search (which they shouldn't).  Its also that they aren't identified as being incompatible on the listing page like they used to be.

And its not just Desktop on Mobile, its Mobile on Desktop too.

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6 years ago
Other places we use the word device:

* app submission- http://firefox-marketplace-api.readthedocs.org/en/latest/topics/apps.html#put--api-v1-apps-app-%28int-id%29- (device-types)
* app reading: http://firefox-marketplace-api.readthedocs.org/en/latest/topics/apps.html#get--api-v1-apps-app-%28int-id%29|%28string-slug%29- (device-types)

I know all this is going away but being consistentish would be nice.
Ok. I'll definitely change the search API to use firefoxos instead of gaia then. Thanks Andy.
(In reply to Rob Hudson [:robhudson] from comment #8)
> Ok. I'll definitely change the search API to use firefoxos instead of gaia
> then. Thanks Andy.

r? for renaming gaia to firefox in API: https://github.com/robhudson/zamboni/commit/f20e0e0
Let's fix this in fireplace by sending tablet/mobile for now.  Feel free to file another bug to back this out which is dependent on the buchet stuff, but we should fix this for now.
Assignee: nobody → cvan
https://github.com/mozilla/zamboni/commit/72cb6f5 for consistently naming "firefoxos" on the api side.

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6 years ago

Thanks, Rob!

P.S. This is an interim solution until buchets land.
Last Resolved: 6 years ago
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6 years ago
desktop-only apps don't show up in Firefox OS anymore. Verified with apps listed in comment 0 and a newly submitted app.

Note that mobile-only apps should still show up in desktop since desktop is mainly for discovery purpose. However, the install buttons should be disabled (bug 877494)
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