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Allow widgets created by createWidget to specify if they're removable or not.


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Firefox 28


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Since bug 866978, we respect the removable="true" attribute on XUL nodes to know whether or not we can take certain items out of their customizable areas.

We do not, however allow widget created via createWidget to set this attribute. We should allow this.
Is this something that is needed for m6 though? I don't think we have any widgets that need this API change right away.
Good point. I was being overzealous. :)
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Taking this since I just wontfix'ed bug 875809.
Assignee: mconley → jaws
Hardware: x86_64 → All
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Up for grabs to whoever can review it sooner :)
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Review of attachment 754869 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: browser/components/customizableui/src/CustomizableUI.jsm
@@ +684,5 @@
>      node.setAttribute("widget-type", aWidget.type);
>      if (aWidget.disabled) {
>        node.setAttribute("disabled", true);
>      }
> +    node.setAttribute("removable", !!aWidget.removable);

Do we really need the coercion here? We seem to have done a pretty good job of ensuring that it's only a boolean that gets assigned to aWidget.removable.
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Removed the coercion and landed on the UX branch,
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Whiteboard: [Australis:M?][fixed-in-ux] → [Australis:M6][fixed-in-ux]
(In reply to Jared Wein [:jaws] from comment #6)
> Removed the coercion and landed on the UX branch,

I believe this block needed to be updated, too:
Attached patch Patch part 2, followup (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Thanks for catching that Gijs. I didn't notice it because all of our current widgets are removable :)
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Patch part 2, followup

Hrm. r+ if there is really no sane way to get the spec of the API-provided widget and actually check the removable property. Which would seem strange to me in and of itself, tbh...
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Yeah, this is better.
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Patch part 2, followup v1.1

>diff --git a/browser/components/customizableui/src/CustomizableUI.jsm b/browser/components/customizableui/src/CustomizableUI.jsm

>+      return gPalette.get(aWidgetId).removable;
>+    } else if (provider == CustomizableUI.PROVIDER_XUL) {

Nit: please don't use else after a return.

With that, r=me
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