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All Customization items other than Back/Forward, Reload, and Stop will reposition to the right of the address bar if the window is made very thin


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Steps to reproduce:

With the main bar of Nightly set up like this:

[Bookmarks Toolbar Items] [Back/Forward] [Address Bar] [Reload] [Stop] [Bookmarks] [Downloads] Menu

I resized the Nightly window horizontally until it was very thin, then brought it back out to a regular size.

Actual results:

The icons on the right collapsed correctly, but the bookmarks toolbar items were moved to the right side of the bar when I resized again. So now my main bar is set up like this:

[Back/Forwards] [Address Bar] [Reload] [Stop] [Bookmarks Toolbar Items] [Bookmarks] [Downloads] Menu

Note that it doesn't save this as my settings, so new windows set it back to normal.

Expected results:

The bookmarks toolbar items should have maintained their position on the left of the address bar when the window was resized.

This happens like this for any items placed on the left of the address bar except for Back/Forward, Stop, and Reload.
Component: Untriaged → Toolbars and Customization
It feels great to be told over and over again to submit bug reports here, find something that doesn't appear reported, go out of your way to write up a post like this, and be completely ignored.
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this shouldn't be possible anymore given bug 755598
Closed: 6 years ago
Depends on: 755598
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