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Separate Clear Browsing and Download history


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Steps to reproduce:

After upgrading to Firefox 21, the Browsing and Download history are synchronized in the Settings for Clearing history. This is a regression for those who want to clear the Download history but not Browsing history.

Expected results:

Since I can clear the Download history by hand, or "Remove From History" entries in the Library, there is no reason Firefox should not provide the possibility the clear this list automatically on Exit. Please argue on this point.

This is non-sense to keep one way of clearing the Download history but not the other. If you persist in thinking Firefox should not do it on exit, then please remove the "Clear Downloads" button and the "Remove from history" contextual menu entry, and dare facing users disappointments about your choices.
Severity: normal → enhancement
Component: Untriaged → Storage
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Product: Firefox → Toolkit
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I've only just recently realized this was the case myself, and it irritates me that what I used to be able to have done automatically when I closed the browser now requires me to click on 5 different things to close my browser the way I used to be able to do by just closing the browser. I can click the download manager arrow in the toolbar, click on "Show all downloads" in that pop-up, click on "Clear downloads" in the resulting window, close that window, and only THEN can I close my browser knowing that those entries have been cleared.

If the browser is able to clear the entries when I click on the "Clear downloads" button, then why is there no option for the browser to do this automatically upon closing the browser? I don't need that stuff in the list-- it makes the list much less useful to me when it's always full of irrelevant information. I only need/want the list to be populated with downloads from the current browsing session-- not beyond that. There is currently no way to have it only keep downloads for the current session. I used to be able to do that, but now I can't.
I agree and would like the option back to be able to clear download history at shutdown, but not clear browsing history.

For me, there is no reason to keep download history, but many reasons to keep browsing history.

Very annoyed that this got regressed. This is the 3rd option/setting in a couple months that has been "improved" to my detriment.
(In reply to d-man97 from comment #2)
> I agree and would like the option back to be able to clear download history
> at shutdown, but not clear browsing history.

This is what happens already, the Downloads data is always cleared on shutdown, but not browsing history.  The Downloads view in the Library is just showing the browsing history related to downloads that before was "hidden" (was instead just sparse in the middle of common history).
Clicking the "Clear Downloads" button clears that list - permanently. This is the effect we want to happen on shutdown. This is very clear from the previous comments. Mine was simply a +1.

Who said I was using a proper noun? Did I use capital letters, like you did, to indicate a proper name? No, I think not. It's a history of downloads; so, I refered to it as the download history. The OP already defined what the bug is about; so, don't harp on me for lazily referencing a previously defined topic in my +1 post. You knew exactly what was being reported in this bug and exactly what I was referring to. Feel free to take that stick out anytime...
I want to the possibility to delete the download history and I don't want to delete the browsing history at shutdown.
Please add this feature.
We don't plan to change the default behavior, though an add-on could implement the requested behavior.
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