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Remove l10n for Sunbird


(Calendar :: Build Config, defect)

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(In reply to Joshua Cranmer [:jcranmer] from comment #7)
> I think calendar/locales/en-US/{chrome/sunbird, installer, updater} can be
> removed, but l10n is so far removed from my area of expertise that I'm not
> going to try unless I'm told to.

I also think these can go. Please file a followup bug if you don't take care here. It might not be that bad to do this in the next cycle so that the string "changes" are not required for the upcoming ESR.
This patch takes care of removing the l10n files. I hope I got every bit of it. I've also filed bug 978591 to get MOZ_CHROME_FILE_FORMAT out of the Makefile, then we can remove it altogether.
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This patch removes some unused .dtd entries. Not all of them will be related to Sunbird, but its hard to differ.

I found them using a combination of grep calls. I didn't bother to search through our .properties file entries, because its really a pain and is at least a half day of risky manual work.
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Remove unused dtd entries  - v1

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Remove l10n files - v1

r=mschroeder, although I can not tell if the l10n Makefiles are okay after the cleanup. Please have another look at the Makefile target around, because you remove the in this patch, which seems to be referenced there.
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Thanks for the hint. I've made some slight modifications to not process
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