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IonMonkey: Reordering of operands should look to real use count


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1) Currently we base the reordering of operands on the useCount. This is actually a little bit incorrect, since that also includes MResumePoints. I don't think they should be counted.

2) Currently if rhs->useCount() == 1, we still reorder when lhs->useCount() is also 1. As a result we reoder z += a to z = a + z . I would suggest to keep the original order when useCount of both operands is 1.

Note: I looked to other places where we use useCount() instead of the newly introduced defUseCount(), but there are no other places where we definitely need to use the newer one.
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Try again. :-)
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For bookkeeping this also removes a 7% improvement on kraken-oscillator. This was added by bug 870095, but seems like we accidentially reordered the operands, instead of based on real information. If we want to claw this back, we will need to make this switching more robust and e.g. incorporate information about loops
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For the record, this also seems to have caused a 3-4% regression on awfy for asmjs-apps-bullet-workload[1-3]
Also, a 2.3% regression on asmjs-ubench-copy.

Fix messing up and switching the lhs/rhs definitions. Caused the asmjs regressions.
Target Milestone: mozilla24 → ---
And it also brings v8-crypto back to its old score. Cool! (My measurements didn't pick this up)
Blocks: 876057
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