Build with --noftu command line flag in engineering builds?



6 years ago
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6 years ago
Throwing this out to those who use the Engineering builds to see who it might affect.

It would be beneficial to those doing gaia automation to build the engineering builds with the -noftu flag. This would stop the FTU popping up but. 

The FTU can still be loaded via the Developer settings option nestled in the Settings app.
I agree that the FTU is an annoyance on eng builds, which are primarily used for automation.  I don't see any disadvantage to disabling it.
Not having the FTU on eng builds would probably mean less eyes to find bugs.

I don't really mind though, maybe the eyes count is already big enough with keeping it in production builds only.

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6 years ago
We still run the FTU tests in our automation because we can launch the FTU independently so coverage exists.

afaik the manual QA team all us the production builds. I did raise this bug with them for comment but none yet!

This came up in a discussion about bug 893741. Is this something we can get implemented?
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If possible, i'd like to have NO_FTU=1 only for builds used in automation, but not in all eng mode builds. If that's not possible, then, let's do it for all of them...

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11 months ago
Firefox OS is not being worked on
Last Resolved: 11 months ago
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