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B2G Gecko won't build with --enable-valgrind on master


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Looks like I did all of my testing against b2g-18, not master, so we're missing a few includes that cause builds to fail when using --enable-valgrind. Just need to build a copy files step into our for valgrind.
Patch against fxos branch of

Adds targets to copy headers, which will be run whenever B2G_VALGRIND flag is on. That way, we can make sure we always copy the newest version of the header.

Currently only covers headers we actually need. Could also make it copy everything we expect from a normal installation?
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Can we point gecko to the valgrind directory to find headers?
The header paths in the gecko source code expect the headers to be in valgrind/, as thats how the normal install process works. So, unfortunately, we can't without changing it across all platforms.
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Patch 1 (v1) - Add minimal header copy targets

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Talked to mwu about copying files, seemed like a better idea to just make a patch with a special fxos includes directory for symlinks.
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Patch 2 (v1) - Update gecko configure files for new FxOS valgrind include paths

Review of attachment 764442 [details] [diff] [review]:

@@ +17,4 @@
>  #
>  # Modifying this file will now automatically clobber the buildbot machines \o/
>  #
> +Bug 877859 Valgrind header location updates for FxOS Valgrind

Hmm, not sure if we need to clobber everyone for a developer only change.

@@ +204,4 @@
>      case "$ANDROID_VERSION" in
>      15)
> +        GONK_INCLUDES="-I$gonkdir/frameworks/base/opengl/include -I$gonkdir/frameworks/base/native/include -I$gonkdir/frameworks/base/include -I$gonkdir/frameworks/base/services/camera -I$gonkdir/frameworks/base/include/media/stagefright -I$gonkdir/frameworks/base/include/media/stagefright/openmax -I$gonkdir/frameworks/base/media/libstagefright/rtsp -I$gonkdir/frameworks/base/media/libstagefright/include -I$gonkdir/external/dbus -I$gonkdir/external/bluetooth/bluez/lib -I$gonkdir/dalvik/libnativehelper/include/nativehelper -I$gonkdir/external/valgrind/fxos-include"

I think we can just add valgrind to the full list of includes.
Moved the include to the full list instead of the version list.

The clobber is necessary so I don't end up burning tbpl, which I did last time I tried this.
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