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Django 1.4 introduced timezone-aware datetimes. To enable this, you set USE_TZ=True in settings.


It defaults to False in Django 1.4. We don't set it in settings.py, so it's False in Kitsune.

My testing of Tastypie with Django 1.5 suggests it doesn't work when USE_TZ is set to False.

This bug covers figuring out whether we want to enable this or not and if so what work is involved to do that.
The problem is:
Other backends store datetimes without time zone information. If you switch from USE_TZ = False to USE_TZ = True, you must convert your data from local time to UTC – which isn’t deterministic if your local time has DST.


Would probably be a huge migration with downtime?
To clarify "other backends" in comment #1 includes the mysql family.

That sounds like a pretty compelling reason not to change anything. I'm game for closing this as RESOLVED/HELLNO.
See Also: → bug 1113832
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