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XUL template builder needs to do a better job propagating exceptions


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I'm doing some work that causes WrapNative to throw more often, in cases where it should. But it's uncovered a few consumers that don't do a good job of propagating exceptions all the way up. This stuff is one of them.
Summary: XUL template build needs to do a better job propagating exceptions → XUL template builder needs to do a better job propagating exceptions
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Part 1 - Propagate exceptions out of CreateTemplateBuilder and LoadDataSources. v1

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Part 2 - Propagate exceptions out of ResolveForwardReferences. v1

Let's hope this doesn't break some weird edge case....
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Hm, so this busted two tests:


It looks like these things are both designed to throw, but are somehow getting tripped up where they weren't before.

I really don't know enough about this code to debug it though. Enn, can you apply the patches and have a look?
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The code here has its own logging which one can enable, The two specific errors being tested for here should really just silently fail when the logging is disabled.
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However, since opening the test seems to cause the test's page to never stop loading, there is some other bug here as well. I assume an error result from XULDocument::ResolveForwardReferences isn't causing some cleanup to occur properly.
If you squelch exceptions, you need to call JS_ClearPendingException.
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