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my vCard forgets values (preferred email format and jabber id)


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Thunderbird 24.0


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Steps to reproduce:

I opened my vCard in the Accounts settings and changed the value of "Prefers to receive messages fomated as:" and "Jabber ID:". I clicked ok and after that opened the vcard editor again. 

Actual results:

My settings were not present. In fact the drop down for the format did not show any viable option but instead was resized to a very flat slab without text.  the Jabber ID

Expected results:

The drop down menu should have showed text with my selection from earlier and the field for the jabber id should have contained the jabber id I entered.
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Component: Preferences → Account Manager
Confirming and taking.
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Product: Thunderbird → MailNews Core
"Prefers to receive messages fomated as:" shouldn't actually be displayed on the Vcard - that's a Thunderbird address book specific thing and there's nothing in vcard that would let that be recorded (or even interpreted at the other end).

Jabber id & other instant messaging ids there might be, but we'd need to check the vcard 2.1 spec (which we vaguely implement), and then see if we can implement support for those fields.
Thanks for the hints.
I have not found any mention of IM/chat nicks in the spec at .

So I try to hide the mentioned unsupported fields.
Component: Account Manager → Address Book
@aceman: thank you.  one thing to note: thunderbird supports the preferred mail format in .vcf files through an extension.  i dont know if this is legit in vcf but it might work.  the string in the file looks like this: 
Yes, that is true. And the bug is that we need to convert from FALSE/TRUE to values of 1 or 2 for the dropdown.

Justus, have you tried that other Thunderbird can receive this setting from a sent vCard and use it properly? If yes, we could keep it in.

Standard8, could we keep the field in as it is clearly marked as an extension? I have tested that the field (x-mozilla-html) is stored in the vcard in prefs.js. we just fail to show it in the dialog at later read attempt.
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> Product/Component: MailNews Core :: Address Book

Hmm, I thought that vCard is kept in nsIMsgIdentity, hence Account Management?
before i test weather thunderbird can receive proper data from this extension in vcards i would like to request that a similar extension for xmpp is added.  something like this:
Ok thunderbird seems to understand its own vcf extension:  when i opened the vcard i was shown the same messed up drop down menu.
it appears all that is missing is indeed the conversion to the correct values for display.
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(In reply to Justus Seifert from comment #7)
> before i test weather thunderbird can receive proper data from this
> extension in vcards i would like to request that a similar extension for
> xmpp is added.  something like this:

Please file this as a new enhancement request bug.

In this bug I hide the chat fields so that it does not look like we support them already.
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So I hide the Chat fields but preserve the "prefers HTML" dropdown, just decode it properly. I also added Seamonkey version but as I could not test it I don't know whether it is needed.
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Review of attachment 758778 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: mail/components/addrbook/content/abCardOverlay.js
@@ +499,5 @@
>    var popup = document.getElementById("PreferMailFormatPopup");
> +  if (popup) {
> +    let format = cardproperty.getProperty("PreferMailFormat", "");
> +    popup.value =
> +      (format == "TRUE") ? Components.interfaces.nsIAbPreferMailFormat.html : (

This is the wrong place to do this conversion, as it means that we'll potentially have nsAbCardProperty objects in the system with two types of value for the nsIAbPreferMailFormat.

I think this conversion should be done somewhere around in the AB itself.

@@ +537,5 @@
>  // by vCard so the user does not try to edit them.
>  function HideNonVcardFields()
>  {
>    document.getElementById("homeTabButton").hidden = true;
> +  document.getElementById("chatTabButton").hidden = true;

Just to note, this is fine. As you mentioned, handling the other extensions for the ids should be done in a different bug.
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Thanks. So invert the logic from, where only kPreferMailFormatProperty is handled as Uint32, others are String.
convertNameValue() is missing this special casing of kPreferMailFormatProperty.
Attached patch patch v2Splinter Review
OK, seems to work.
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patch v2

Review of attachment 760591 [details] [diff] [review]:

Looks great.
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