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Ordered list markers of nested ordered lists corrupted when using generated content


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Steps to reproduce:

Viewed the following content in firefox:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="th">
    <meta charset="utf-8" />
    <title>Thai numbering test page</title>
    <style type="text/css">
        ol { counter-reset: item; }
        li { display: block; }
        li:before {
            content: counters(item, ".", -moz-thai);
            content: counters(item, ".", thai);
            counter-increment: item;
            padding-right: 1.0em;

  <li> รายการ ๑
      <li> รายการ ๑.๑
          <li> รายการ ๑.๑.๑
              <li> รายการ ๑.๑.๑.๑
              <li> รายการ ๑.๑.๑.๒
          <li> รายการ ๑.๑.๒
      <li> รายการ ๑.๒
  <li> รายการ ๒


Actual results:

List markers in first tier list display correctly. Second and subsequent tiers are corrupted displaying mojibake.

Similar problem exists with -moz-lao, -moz-maynar list types

Expected results:

list markers should be identical to numbers listed in each list item, and should display as rendered in chromes/webkit.
Component: Untriaged → CSS Parsing and Computation
Product: Firefox → Core
Attached file Testcase html page
Thank you for the excellent testcase!
Assignee: nobody → bzbarsky
Component: CSS Parsing and Computation → Layout: Block and Inline
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This looks good; there's one thing I don't understand, though -- how would 'result' be nonempty (and 'offset' be nonzero)?

From skimming this file, it looks like this string will always have been passed (unmodified) by nsBulletFrame::AppendCounterText,
...which received it unmodified from nsBulletFrame::GetListItemText,
...which received it from either nsBulletFrame::GetDesiredSize or from nsBulletFrame::PaintBullet,
...which both declare it as "nsAutoString text;" and don't touch it before their (one) call to GetListItemText.
The relevant caller of nsBulletFrame::AppendCounterText here is in nsCounterUseNode::GetText, and it will use the same string over and over as it loops over the counters for a counters().
Um, what ensures that these functions increase the length of the string's buffer, or that they set the string's length data correctly?  I think they both have an exploitable buffer overrun, unless I'm missing something.
I'm not sure I follow...  OtherDecimalToText and TamilToText work by appending the number in decimal to the string and then going through and adding a fixed number to each codepoint value in the result.  This operation doesn't change the length of the string; that's changed by the DecimalToText call.

I guess you could get into trouble in OtherDecimalToText if ordinal < 0 and the AppendASCII in DecimalToText fails to realloc the buffer, but I thought we made strings infallible now.
I don't follow either;  I was going to grant r+, but I'll hold off on that until we better understand what dbaron had in mind with the scenario in comment 7, and how that impacts what this patch should do.
Sorry, never mind; I was misreading.
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