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Allow MarionetteTestResult and MarionetteTextTestRunner to be subclassed


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We would like to gather additional debug for reporting in gaiatest, which would require subclassing MarionetteTestResult and MarionetteTextTestRunner.
This is working for me, but I'm requesting feedback in case there's a better approach. I have also allowed for errors to contain more than just two items in the tuple. Any additional items will be added by the subclass for reporting.
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Allow MarionetteTestResult and MarionetteTextTestRunner to be subclassed

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::: testing/marionette/client/marionette/
@@ +70,5 @@
>        'END LOG:')
>      def printErrorList(self, flavour, errors):
> +        for error in errors:
> +            test, err = error[:2]

This will be fragile if we ever get inheritance chains, but for now I think it's ok.

Ideally, we'd want to integrate moztest into Marionette and use its TestResult, but that's a much bigger job.  I'll file a separate bug for that and see if I can find someone to work on it.

@@ +206,5 @@
>          self.type = type
>          self.device = device
>          self.symbols_path = symbols_path
>          self.timeout = timeout
> +        self.textrunnerclass = MarionetteTextTestRunner

Probably better to set textrunnerclass = MarionetteTextTestRunner as a class variable (like we do here:, so you don't have to reset it in a subclass after calling the super's __init__.
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Allow MarionetteTestResult and MarionetteTextTestRunner to be subclassed. v1.1

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