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When i use "Save as" on an attachment and change the extensionless base file name I can't open it from Windows Explorer


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Steps to reproduce:

Opened an e-mail with an attachment, clicked on save as, selected the file where I wanted to save the attachment and changed the name of the attachment (so i can know later what it is).

Actual results:

It saves the attachment but I can't opened it. When I try to open it appears a message: "Choose a program to open this file" And it gives me a list of a lot of programs: Word, PDF,  Corel DRAw, Photoshop etc.......
But I can't open the file even if I choose one of these programs above. I just can open the attachment normally if i don't change the attachment's name.

Expected results:

It should save and open normally.
giuliana, thank you for your bug report and sorry for the inconvenience. Indeed, this is a known bug in TB (bug 414865). Unfortunately we haven't yet found a volunteer to fix it - if you are or know a coder, most welcome.

As a workaround, you can do this:

Say your attachment is called ""
So when you save as, it will show only base file name without extenstion: "oldname" (because Windows hides known extensions by default, you could also change that for a more permanent workaround).
When you rename during save as, remember to add the correct extension manually:
Save as > ""
This will preserve the correct extension, and you can open it as expected on your system.

Alternatively, re-add the correct extension by selecting affected file in windows explorer, press F2 to rename, then add extension (should work if there's really no extension; won't work if there's another hidden extension). Personally, I changed my windows settings to always show all file extensions including known extensions.
Closed: 7 years ago
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Duplicate of bug: 414865
Summary: when i save an attachment and change the name i can't opened it → When i use "Save as" on an attachment and change the extensionless base file name I can't open it from Windows Explorer
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