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IonMonkey: Remove temp. variable for x86/arm in TypeBarrier


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Typebarrier requests a temporary variable for TypeBarrier. This isn't needed on x86/arm so this increases register pressure on those architectures. Should be really easy to use a BogusTemp instead
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I introduced tempToSplitValue() that can be used during lowering for a temp that will only be used for splitting a Value into a payload or a type. This will return a BogusTemp on x86/arm since there we don't need a temp to split a value and a normal temp on x64.

This will probably only introduce an improvement on x86, since register pressure is worst there. Octane isn't blocked on this, but I saw a 2% improvement on ss-cordic
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::: js/src/ion/shared/CodeGenerator-shared-inl.h
@@ +45,5 @@
>      return ToRegister(*def->output());
>  }
>  static inline Register
> +ToSplitRegister(const LDefinition *def)

Something like ToUnboxTempRegister is a bit clearer I think.

::: js/src/ion/x86/Lowering-x86.h
@@ +25,5 @@
>      bool useBox(LInstruction *lir, size_t n, MDefinition *mir,
>                  LUse::Policy policy = LUse::REGISTER, bool useAtStart = false);
>      bool useBoxFixed(LInstruction *lir, size_t n, MDefinition *mir, Register reg1, Register reg2);
> +    inline LDefinition tempToSplitValue() {

Nit: s/Split/Unbox here as well.
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(In reply to Jan de Mooij [:jandem] from comment #2)
> >  static inline Register
> > +ToSplitRegister(const LDefinition *def)
> Something like ToUnboxTempRegister is a bit clearer I think.

But also incorrect, since it can also get used to split the type and unboxing refer to getting the payload only... That's why I didn't take anything with "unbox".
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