[B2g][Gallery] No prompt message appears for confirmation after a user edits a picture



6 years ago
9 months ago


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6 years ago
No prompt message appears for the confirmation in edit mode, after editing the user just returns to the gallery view instead of ” View photo screen” for the current picture.

Repro Steps:
1) Updated to Unagi Build ID: 20130605070207
2) Open the "Gallery" from the home screen
3) Open any picture in "View photo screen"
4) Tap on "Edit" mode(pen &paper icon)
5) Edit the picture and click confirm (check mark in the right corner)

The user returns to the "gallery view", no any prompt message for the confirmation displays

The confirmation message displays and after the confirmation the user returns to the current "View photo view"

Environmental Variables
Gecko: http://hg.mozilla.org/releases/mozilla-b2g18/rev/09dc1ae3b1b5
Gaia: 92a6e36957145cdb2ac8867e5cdba8ecf12308fc
Platform Version: 18.0

Repro frequency:100%
Test Suite Name: Gallery
UCID: gallery-012
Repros on Leo 1.1 commercial RIL

Build ID: 20130625070217
Gecko: http://hg.mozilla.org/releases/mozilla-b2g18/rev/29933d1937db
Gaia: 1436e2778b90bd74635b0b94d1cf8ccb0d71b60c
Platform Version: 18.1
Whiteboard: leorun4


5 years ago
Whiteboard: leorun4 → leorun4, retest_leorun4
The edit feature is to create a new edited picture instead of override the original one. Does it really need a confirmation ???

If yes, please give us the suggested message to show. We may use building block to show it.

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5 years ago
What is the correct behavior here?  Please clarify.
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Comment 4

5 years ago
Flagging Rob, though blockers still have first priority (which this is not, Rob).
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Comment 5

5 years ago
Flagging Jacqueline since Rob hasn't been able to get to this (lots of travel, UX work weeks in Paris, etc.)
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Since a new image is created when the user edits a photo, there is no need for a confirmation dialogue. 

However, after discussing with Rob we felt that the addition of a status bar would help the user in this situation. This status bar would display for a few seconds after the user has saved their edited image and would state "Saved as new image" in the status bar.
Flags: needinfo?(jsavory)
Since comment #6 was written, the gallery edit mode has gotten a progress bar that is displayed while the edited image is saving.  I think it might actually even say Saving... somewhere too.  Is that good enough or do we still want something here?

Also, when you say "status bar", I'm guessing you mean one of these things near the bottom of the screen? http://buildingfirefoxos.com/building-blocks/status.html  Is that right?
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I think this bug is covered by Katie's new Gallery spec. NI? on Katie to confirm.
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Comment 9

4 years ago
this is being resolved here: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1042319
Confirmation banner : "New copy saved." appears over updated preview after user saves edits.
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Comment 10

9 months ago
Firefox OS is not being worked on
Last Resolved: 9 months ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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