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I had a quick look over your site in response to being asked for info on and noticed that there are MANY ways to access your site.

This isn't going to help SEO very much, and it could get a bit confusing in regard to which URLs are promoted and what Google finds.

Would recommend choosing one canonical URL (I suggest - having this as http only will make it easier to embed external content on it) and having the other 3 redirect to that (either on the load balancer or apache, even in the .htaccess file).

At this point you can lock down your site URL in the wpconfig.php and also your templates, and no fixed content errors anymore!

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4 years ago
Well, this is half done, https now redirects to http, though the beta site uses https which may mean the main site will too.

IMHO, given that,,, and google-analytics (the only requests to other content i can see) all offer https (some ONLY offer https) the site should just move to https only.

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4 years ago
I'd be happy to get this site redirected to https.  Andrew and I can set up some time to work together to make the site https compatible once again.
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Right. is actually not a beta of '' at all, but rather the backpack, which now exists at So should probably not even be there any more, but whatever. Regardless, they should be on https, as they're dealing with external user data. is a slightly different story, and might need further discussion from the people who actually put content on it. I have a feeling this is something that we're going to have to bring Chris in on to decide how we're going to deal with it - I don't know how much longer the property is going to be under Mozilla's remit.
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