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Update libpng's apng.patch to version 1.5.16


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While patching bug#873001 I neglected to update libpng's apng.patch.  While generating this patch I discovered several (insignificant for mozilla) hunks that didn't get updated.  Also the MOZPNG value in needs to be updated.
Need tryserver run
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Should apng-patch be moved into a "tools" subdirectory?
Sorry, I forgot about this :(
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v00 Update libpng apng.patch to version 1.5.16

If I understand the tryserver report, it passed.  There are a lot of red reftest "is burning" reports, each followed by an apparent rerun that is green.
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Removed a change in png.h that's only needed in the bundled libpng but not when patching a system libpng.  This change won't be seen by the tryserver.
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There seems to be little value in maintaining a separate apng patch here that is different from the one at Sourceforge "libpng-apng" project.  That one is more complete because it also patches pngtest.c and scripts/symbol.def which we don't use here.  Other than that, and some insignificant differences in where the APNG code is inserted, they appear to me to be equivalent.  The SourceForge patch was forked from here a while back anyhow, and I'd prefer to merge them again and include a copy here.
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Replaced apng.patch with the one from SourceForge/libpng-apng project.  Ryan, please do a tryserver run (the change should not have any effect on that, but we might as well be sure).
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I was a little bit confused by the fact that there are actually *two* apng-patch projects at Sourceforge, one called "libpng-apng" and the other "apng".  I had intended to use the one from the "apng" project (maintained by Max Stepin), but used the other one in the v03 patch.  As far as I can tell they are equivalent, both being forks of mozilla's.  We can switch to the "apng" project patch for libpng-1.5.17 and libpng-1.6.3.
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