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5 years ago
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5 years ago
We just landed the ability to reveal the title bar by scrolling a short distance, which is great. However, the interaction could still use some refinement, so this is the follow-up bug to take care of that.

Current behaviour: Pull down a certain distance, after which point the title bar can scroll in. However, you have to keep pulling down to reveal the title bar.

Desired behaviour: Pull down a certain distance, but then quickly snap the title bar into place instead of having to pull it in by scrolling further. Our thinking is that this will make the UI feel a little more responsive than it does in the current implementation.


5 years ago
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For the record, B2G does the "snapping" of the title bar and I hate it. It's far too jerky and causes the page to feel jumpy while scrolling. I much prefer the current Fennec behaviour.

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5 years ago
I should clarify what I mean by snap, because I agree that it shouldn't act like it does on B2G: the main thing is that it shouldn't push content down like it does on B2G. 

The current interaction we have on Nightly should still remain. The only real change being that once you scroll far enough to 'hook' the title bar and start pulling it down, the title bar should enter the screen at a faster rate than it does now. So while currently it scrolls at a 1:1 rate with page content, perhaps it comes in at a 2:1 rate with page content so it appears in its entirety more quickly.
A few of us also think we should pull down the toolbar sooner. It feels too delayed.
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5 years ago
Works for me. Let's try both at the same time.
You can tweak this preference to change the panning distance threshold:

Using "5" seems to work fine for me.

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5 years ago
5 feels a little quick to me -- we want to account for not only quick retrieval of the bar, but also for the case of scrolling quickly down a page and then backtracking a couple of lines before showing it again. 

I got to a happy place with that at around "10" or so.

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4 years ago
Friendly ping -- forgot about this bug and it would be nice to update that default threshold value.


4 years ago
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4 years ago
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4 years ago
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Reduce scroll threshold to reveal dynamic toolbar to 10% (r=mfinkle)

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4 years ago
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Reduce scroll threshold to reveal dynamic toolbar to 10% (r=mfinkle)

Use 10% as recommended by ibarlow. I like it.
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