Leo: Please create a build that contains the gecko, gaia, and ril parts and a script to push those components to the leo device



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5 years ago
5 years ago


(Reporter: nhirata, Assigned: rail)


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In order for the builds to work properly, QA needs to flash the device with the partner's build which has the firmware, gonk, gecko, gaia, and ril.

The builds come weekly, so verifying the fixes that land require QA to flash the gecko, gaia and ril parts.

QA would like to request an ongoing build that will have the gaia, gecko (b2g folder), and the ril in one zip package with a flash script that will flash those parts onto the device.

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5 years ago
I have some questions:

1) Where the RIL archive(s) can be found?
2) Can we automatically update RILs? (Is there any location we would watch for?)

Feel free to mark the bug as moco-confidential if the partner data is sensitive.
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5 years ago
RIL archives can be found here:


and the idea is to look for the latest one.  For example, today's is:

Does that help?

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5 years ago
Clarification - get the latest one for Leo ^

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5 years ago
I thought that we want to change the original RIL repacked leo zip (you mentioned above) so it contains proper files...

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5 years ago
I figured out the details on IRC
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5 years ago
Leo RIL repack now contains gaia and b2g directories (unzipped/untarred versions of gaia.zip and b2g-18.0.en-US.android-arm.tar.gz) and the flashing scrip nhirata sent via email. This is for Leo only, but can be enabled for other RIL repacks as well.
Last Resolved: 5 years ago
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Thanks Rail!  Verified that it works.  Had some other folks report back the same.

Note: the script might not work well with cygwin on windows.  I'm not sure I understand why.  It works with Mac & Ubuntu
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