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Consider renaming CustomizableUI.getWidget to something clearer


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Marco brought this up in bug 873058 - it's not immediately clear that getWidget returns a widget group wrapper.

Perhaps this is just a case of needing a better name though...something like, getWidgetGroup?

Or is this a case of our widget model being misunderstood?
To me, that's our widget model being misunderstood (but then, I wrote the damn thing). We never give out anything but a wrapper, and what we do give out by default is designed to cover the common use-case (so you can change the widget in all windows, not one-by-one).

Not sure if having a getWidgetForWindow() API would help or not. We already have getWidget(...).forWindow(...), and neither would return an actual widget - just a wrapper.

Though, what would certainly help is if we had some documentation.
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> Though, what would certainly help is if we had some documentation.

Docs! I don't know if you guys already knew this, but I'm a BIG fan of 'em! I'd even go as far as writing some, occasionally.

I'd be more than happy to start on that as soon as possible (now seems like a good time, right before Australis lands and more eyeballs will feast on the new goodies).

What would be the right order of things here, bug-wise? One bug per file to document?
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> One bug per file to document?

WFM. I'd keep it all separate from this bug though, in case we decide we do in fact want to rename getWidget().
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I actually think this is starting to be too late, and not terrible naming already, so maybe we should just WONTFIX this? Mike?
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Yep, fine with it.
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