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[Email] Attachment icons are not vertically center aligned in Email reader in case of multiple attachments


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1.4 S3 (14mar)


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(Whiteboard: [TD-42460][p=3], ux-tracking, ux-priority1.2)


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1. Title : Attachment icons are not vertically center aligned in Email reader.
2. Precondition : Email should be working and an IMAP account is configured
3. Tester's Action:  Launch Email -> Open any email which has more than one attachment.
4. Detailed Symptom (ENG.) : Vertical alignment of attachment icons are not proper.
5. Expected :All email attachments must be aligned properly.
6.Reproducibility: Y
           1)Frequency Rate : 100%
7.Gaia Master/v1-train : Reproduced
8.Gaia Revision: 517d3d9f0d7538095799c9c067e398fb8ba96ba2
9.Personal email id:
In Message view screen attachment icons are not aligned properly.
Does this also require new wireframes like Bug 870320.
Please check
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(In reply to Leo from comment #2)
> Does this also require new wireframes like Bug 870320.
> Please check

I believe email-attachments.pdf at provides revised wire-frames starting at page 16.  (If that link dies, go to then "Email" then "Interaction").

I don't see any updated visual designs in the box.

Dominic, since you've just finished fixing up the compose UI as it relates to attachments, maybe this would be easiest for you to take on?
Okay, no problem. And I feel the patch of bug 870320 should also fix this, after I land bug 870320 I will come back to check this.
Assignee: nobody → dkuo
The attachment is the visual mockups from Eric in bug 870320, we should fix this by fitting the mockups. And I was wrong in comment 4 because I thought this issue was talking about the compose page.
Whiteboard: [TD-42460] → [TD-42460], ux-tracking, ux-priority1.2
Hi :dkuo,

are you working on this issue?
can you please update on this.


Can we use the attached patch for this issue, in case there are no visual design not defined yet or if it is not planned for v1.4. I have seen the attachment #762530 [details], there is only "download" icon screen present, but no visuals for "downloading" and "view".

Please suggest.
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I will take this bug, as I expect :dkuo is busy with other non-email items now. So the issue left to fix now is the attachment download icon in the message_reader, in two ways:

1) it is not centered vertically, which the attached pull request tries to address.
2) the icon looks out of place now with the new visual design.

I will ask UX for an updated download icon (there is no "view" planned for 1.4), and then revisit the CSS change based on the icon we get. First, will try with the icon in the attachment zip, generate a screenshot and then ask UX about it.
Assignee: dkuo → jrburke
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Target Milestone: --- → 1.3 C3/1.4 S3(31jan)
Attached file GitHub pull request
Start of patch, not ready for review yet since need some UX feedback first, will attach an image after this attachment.
This image shows the current state of the pull request. 

The gray background for the download icon was removed to fit in better with the current visual style. However, the View button still looks funky, so would like to get some visual design feedback on what other changes might be needed for the pull request.
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Flagging Casey on VxD advice and Patryk as back-up.
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Comment on attachment 8367809 [details]
Image showing pull request state for attachment display fixes

Overall this looks fixed, we're doing a refresh in v.1.4, so some of the graphic issues will be fixed.

However looking at the 3rd attachment. I would fix the attachment label width to reduce ellipsis. Increase the width by 20-25px. Currently the gap between the download button and attachment size is really large. Is the reason for this gap to account for the a long size (kb) text string?
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Target Milestone: 1.3 C3/1.4 S3(31jan) → 1.4 S1 (14feb)
Whiteboard: [TD-42460], ux-tracking, ux-priority1.2 → [TD-42460][p=3], ux-tracking, ux-priority1.2
Target Milestone: 1.4 S1 (14feb) → 1.4 S2 (28feb)
Target Milestone: 1.4 S2 (28feb) → 1.4 S3 (14mar)
I left a comment in Bug 951078 about the ellipsis and KB spacing, and looking at that visual design, it will be fixed with that design, along with better icons. So I am going to delay work related to that ticket, since the window for 1.4 landings before branching is closing soon, and I want to at least close out the major issue that motivated this ticket, the vertical center alignment issue.
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Attachment #8367808 - Flags: review?(m)
Comment on attachment 8367808 [details] [review]
GitHub pull request

Assuming the screenshot matches the code, looks good to me.
Attachment #8367808 - Flags: review?(m) → review+
Merged into gaia master:

from pull request:
Closed: 9 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
aia      8f802237927c7d5e024fb7dca054dd5efef6b2e6
BuildID   20140316160201
Version   30.0a1 Nov 14 10:58:33 CST 2013

Bug fixed, I marked it to "VERIFIED"
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