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there are now frequent updates to flash. To make our work easier i wrote a script to download and install the flash player and to distribute it via ssh.

Bob, this is work in progress and we could as example change the download link (this version uses the standalone flash debugger).
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6 years ago
here are also some instructions how to use the script (and how i used it to test on my workers).

1. I used
2. execute csshx with ./csshx workersname1 worker2 worker3 etc
3. copy the script (if not already on the worker to the workers with as example
scp cbook@ of the script/  . 
4. execute the script ..done!

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6 years ago
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wip patch

In general it's a great idea. Flash updates do take some time but not egregiously so compared to windows updates, adobe reader updates, quicktime updates or other plugin updates.

How quickly does adobe update these 'debug' installers?

Is there any delay between the release versions and these builds?

Flash updates on Linux are done via yum. So that leaves OSX. Is there a comparable solution there? We only have a few OSX machines, but it would be good to look at that.


No need to over comment though.

I prefer bash. It is available everywhere we care about. Using sh can invoke some compatibility tweaks I'd rather not deal with.

+# script to download and install the latest Flashplayer for windows and Firefox
+wget -O flashplayer_11_plugin_debug.exe --no-check-certificate
+# or
+chmod 775 flashplayer_11_plugin_debug.exe
+./flashplayer_11_plugin_debug.exe -install

It would be good to be able to specify the installer via a command line option so we could pick either flashplayer_11_plugin_debug.exe or install_flash_player_11_plugin.exe. You can see examples of command line options in the sisyphus bin dir.

Is there a comparable solution for Adobe Reader or even Shockwave Director?
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6 years ago
Hey Bob,

yeah seems shockwave have also a silent install switch 
"For the EXE (Windows, all supported browsers), use the /S option on the command line:
C:\>sw_lic_full_installer.EXE /S" will look into this as also the windows update stuff and reader.

For the availability i think adobe pushes this standalone installer along with the other update installs, so no disadvantage/time lag i think but will check

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6 years ago
I definitely like the command line flash installer, but I'm not sure about csshx and the need for an independent script. From sisyphus.bughunter I did the following:

curl -O
chmod +x install_flash_player_11_plugin.exe 
for m in $( win); do echo $m; rsync -avz --progress install_flash_player_11_plugin.exe $m:~/Downloads/; done
for m in $( win); do echo $m; ssh $m '~/Downloads/install_flash_player_11_plugin.exe -install'; done

That is definitely a huge improvement to the interactive way I was doing it. If we go with a script that is executed on each vm, then each will need to download the installer rather than downloading it once on sisyphus and then pushing to the vms where we can remotely execute the installer via ssh.

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2 years ago
we no longer support flash. I'm going to wontfix this one.
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