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Add en-CA locale to the Fennec multi-locale build


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Looking to get an en-CA locale stood up to enable more refined, locale-based default customizations.

Let's talk about timing once you've had a chance to see about getting this organized.
There is no existing team that we can reach out on the l10n side.

We'd be looking for drivers here to recruit volunteers.
Could we simply not stand up the en-CA locale (so we can use it to refine our default customizations) and have it fall back to use en-US strings? Perhaps that in itself could be a prompt to the Canadian community if they would like to see further language refinements.
I don't think that's promising. On Jeff's and my side, we're really flooded.

For us going forward, I'd like to see a combination of a product goal as a mix of productization and language content, and volunteers.

Those volunteers may very well be spending a significant amount of their day in an office on Toronto or Vancouver, or even might be ex-employees.

I'd welcome if driving that towards a common goal would gets its energy from the boundaries.

CCing beltzner, hey Mike, you prodded me about en-CA often enough for me to return the favour ;-) (note the 'u' in favor)
We do have a community canada mailing list and some reps in Canada to help.

My advice would be to use the en-UK strings, but the dictionary should include both en-US as well as en-UK spellings. UK spellings are proper but we use both, eg honor and honour are both acceptable.

en-FR would be more different from the other FR locales.
Oh Kensie, let me introduce you to my buddy Freud. fr-CA.

Noteworthy, mobile doesn't ship gecko dictionaries, AFAIK.
Tracking for Fx25 only to see if we can get the basics of a locale stood up. We could create a en-CA locale from the en-GB locale, and then have locale specific search engines and other goodies.

I'll leave the brainstorming to the l10n folks.
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Last update from June. Still on track? Who's assigned here?
Renom this is not going into 25.
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Has Mozilla Canada been able to form a l10n team for this project? If not, I suggest closing this bug.
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Sorry for the long delay in reply. Apparently we have someone who is going to intern this summer who might be interested. Waiting to hear back.

We have a few more Reps in Canada now than when this was first filed. If this is still wanted we could make a formal shot at trying to organize this. Whoever is the stakeholder on the fennec side could start a discussion in our North America community Discourse - - or email me to plan further.
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I'm the guy on the Fennec side to talk to. As has been mentioned before, this needs to have a combination product goal as a mix of productization and language content, volunteers, and energy all coming from the community. Essentially, we need to understand how en-CA is going to be different and uniquely serve en-CA users, as well as a plan outlining who the volunteers are and how they plan to keep it up to date.

I'm happy to meet with the en-CA team to guide this discussion. The discussion, however, should be initiated from the community.
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