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4 years ago
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4 years ago
It takes six seconds to show me my raw health report on wifi on a dual-core phone.

It takes 90msec to do the whole conversation between content and chrome and generate the report:

06-12 16:01:09.430 I/GeckoLogger(28462): fennec_rnewman :: GeckoHealthGen :: Generating FHR document from 1355526069435; last ping 1355526069435
06-12 16:01:09.430 I/GeckoLogger(28462): fennec_rnewman :: GeckoProfileInfo :: Restoring ProfileInformationCache from file.
06-12 16:01:09.440 E/GeckoConsole(28462): Init
06-12 16:01:09.440 E/GeckoConsole(28462): Got message {"type":"begin","content":null}
06-12 16:01:09.440 E/GeckoConsole(28462): Requesting prefs
06-12 16:01:09.445 E/GeckoConsole(28462): Sending to browser: RequestCurrentPrefs
06-12 16:01:09.445 E/GeckoConsole(28462): Requesting payload
06-12 16:01:09.445 E/GeckoConsole(28462): Sending to browser: RequestCurrentPayload
06-12 16:01:09.450 E/GeckoConsole(28462): AboutHealthReport: sending pref state to page.
06-12 16:01:09.455 E/GeckoConsole(28462): AboutHealthReport: page requested fresh payload.
06-12 16:01:09.465 E/GeckoConsole(28462): Got message {"type":"prefs","content":{"enabled":true}}
06-12 16:01:09.520 E/GeckoConsole(28462): AboutHealthReport: sending payload to page (string of length 3186).
06-12 16:01:09.520 E/GeckoConsole(28462): Got message {"type":"payload","content":"{\"data\":{\"last\":{},\"days\":{\"2013-06-12\":{\"CCk4KKGAntTLfO08rgicy3Gk+f0=\":{\"org.mozilla.appSessi

We need to do better at reducing dead page time (no spinner, no default content, no loading message...) and total load time.

Probably aboutHealthReport (the wrapper) should (a) display content, (b) generate the document and fetch prefs, handing it over to content when it's finally out of bed and dressed.

This applies to desktop, too, but it's really bad on Android. People will wonder why their phone has hung.

Comment 1

4 years ago
Note that it's not *always* six seconds. Sometimes I seem to get lucky and it's 1.5 seconds (albeit with essentially no page content to fetch or render).


4 years ago
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Priority: -- → P4
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