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Steps to reproduce:

Here is the scenario:
1.  I love using tags to quickly choose and select bookmarks and I type a tag of a bookmark I want to visit.
2.  The bookmark is found but when I click it, I find the path to the URL has changed and the website prompts me to change my bookmark.
3.  Even though I'm on (or was just on) the bookmark in the selection view, I can't change it from that same view that allows me to easily find the bookmark.

Actual results:

4.  I have to open the bookmarks window, find it again, and edit it just to return to the same view to try the bookmark again to confirm that it is indeed updated.

Expected results:

If I could edit the shown bookmark from the inline view there would be no need to open up the bookmark view at all.  OR, if when I opened the bookmarks view and it took me to the bookmark I just clicked, it would save me the time of finding it again.

Thanks for any attention you provide this concern.
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