Switching email accounts when forwarding/replying to an email appends extra signatures



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Steps to reproduce:

Using version 17.0.6 (with or w/o safe mode) with two or more email accounts. If I go to forward or reply to and email, the compose window pops up (bug is NOT present when writing a new message).

Actual results:

If I switch the "From:" to another account, it appends that accounts signature to the bottom of the message but doesn't remove the previous signature. This works even if the signature is exact or different. Also it doesn't loop; it won't keep adding the same signature over and over.

Expected results:

It should be removing the previous signature before adding the new signature.

Comment 1

6 years ago
If your account settings are "start my reply above the quote" with signature placement "below my reply (above the quote)" this is bug 218346. If not, please provide more information about your settings.

Comment 2

6 years ago
Nope, I have settings as "start my reply above the quote" and "below the quote (recommended)". My settings should be pretty much default. I'm only using two extensions and like I said the bug still exists in safe mode, and on both workstations at our office. What settings should I report back?

Comment 3

6 years ago
That setting is per identity, thus I assume that you've set it up identical for both accounts (the default is to place the reply below the quote, thus you've apparently changed it, but adding the signature at the very end of the message indeed is the default behavior in either case).

Can you verify that (1) the signatures are all appended to the end of the message rather than above the quote (i.e., the setting is obeyed), (2) the signatures are inside or outside the quoted text indicated by the '>' character or the quote bar, and (3) the signatures are preceded by a "-- " (dash-dash-space) signature separator?

There was also bug 758115 which got resolved as a duplicate of bug 43829, but describes a very similar issue as described by you. For that bug to occur, both the original message you are forwarding or replying to and the one you are composing have to be in HTML (not plain-text) format.

Comment 4

6 years ago
Yes, the settings are identical for each account.

(1) Yes, the signatures are appended to the end/bottom of the message as they should be.

(2) I guess I never paid attention to the quote bar, but yes they appear in the quote bar with the original quoted message. Here's what I did: I right clicked an email in my inbox, clicked reply to sender, the compose window came up and the original message was 'inside' the quote bar (like normal). The signature was right below, with no quote bar (like normal). When I switched the "From:" account, the old signature disappeared BUT the new signature came in inside the quote bar. Then if I switch the "From:" again, it appends an extra signature in the quote, like the bug usually does. So yes, they appear in the quote bar.

(3) Yes, each signature is preceded by a '-- '.

So it seems like the actual bug is that the signature is getting added to the quote each time.

Also, the bug works differently when I forward an email. When I'm doing a reply, the signatures will loop infinitely if I keep changing "From:". If I forward, however, the original signature always stays on top and when you switch "From:" it appends the new signature under the original and doesn't loop. So it's not recognising the first signature as the actual signature, but recognizes the second appended signature and works properly.

I probably am not explaining this very well, I could do a screen capture video if that would help.
Something about this was last fixed by bug 566825

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2 years ago
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Cannot reproduce.  Can anyone still reproduce this bug?  Otherwise, I agree, it appears that this may have been fixed serendipitously at some point.
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